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Terrazzo Tear Drops

Terrazzo Tear Drops

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These earrings are made of polymer clay, slightly flexible material, individually cut and assembled. They are very light and easy to wear.

For the Modern, Romantic, Boho style lovers!
  • Honey yellow
  • Mixed honey yellow, white, black and red pattern
  • Hand Sculpted Details
  • Extremely Light weight
  • Stainless Steel Gold Plated Metals

CARE- Semi water resistant, not for long periods of time in water. May break if dropped or bent. Treat as any other piece of dainty jewelry.

CLEAN- with a q tip dipped in nail polish or rubbing alcohol, gently rub around stained or dirty spots from face oils and makeup (typically white or light colored earrings/necklaces).

All items are handmade and baked, there might be slight variations compared to the pictures, specially if there is more than one pair available, they may also have small bubbles caused by the baking.

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